What is a Throw Pink event?

Throw Pink is a collection of disc golf events that are held each year from March thru October with an overall mission to:

- Raise funds to help end breast cancer
- Promote and Inspire women and girls everywhere to play disc golf
- Have fun- Make a difference


Anywhere discs can fly. Find out how to register your event.


Why put on a Throw Pink event?

- 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer*
- More than half of all cancer-related deaths can be avoided
by making healthy choices.**
- Exercise has proven to reduce the risk
- Disc Golf is a wonderful outlet for recreation, camaraderie and self-affirmation

There are several interlocking reasons to Throw Pink in your community. We ask you to choose a community-based charity that helps fight breast cancer. By issuing news releases, the media is more likely to show an interest in disc golf when it’s done in conjunction with a good cause. Media coverage lets more people see that disc golf is fun, and when we raise funds for local charities, we show that disc golfers care. This allows your disc golf club and disc golf community to integrate more fully into the community at large. In addition, when seeking out funds for your charity, you might network with people who could turn into future allies when you are trying to get additional courses in the ground or securing sponsorship for your more competitive events.


There is no cost for Throw Pink nor is there any obligation to buy customized Throw Pink merchandise. Because the primary charitable mission is fighting breast cancer and increasing breast cancer awareness, we require that all new events choose a charity that conforms with this mission.

How To Get Going with Throw Pink in 2015?

To run a Throw Pink, a tournament organizer must register it with ThrowPink.com, agreeing to (1) raise money for an approved charity, (2) to honor the Throw Pink trademarks, and (3) to report certain information about the event. There are no registration fees or any obligation to buy official Throw Pink merchandise. You must, however, use the words Throw Pink in the name of your event.

The first thing you should do is to find a charity to support. We ask that Throw Pink events choose a charity that conforms to the charitable purposes of the fight against breast cancer: through research, awareness, prevention and finding a cure.  Check out local charities or larger multi-faceted charities that have breast cancer awareness as one of their missions.

Next, you’ll need to check with the government entity (usually a Parks Department) that oversees the park or the manager or owner of a private course for permission to use the course.

Then you’ll need to decide on a date for your Throw Pink, making sure to schedule it between March and October. You might want to check with neighboring communities to minimize scheduling conflicts.

After you have chosen a charity, secured your course, and decided on a date, you will register your event with www.throwpink.com.

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* American Cancer Society – Key statistics about breast cancer
**American Cancer Society – Stay Healthy