About Us

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Throw Pink History

Started in 2013 to make a difference in the fight to end cancer while inspiring women and girls everywhere to get out and play disc golf. Throw Pink helps others make a difference to the noble causes that inspire them to action while encouraging women and girls to get out and play.

Throw Pink is patterned after the highly successful Ice Bowl disc golf concept. Disc golf Ice Bowls® have become synonymous with charitable events.  In 2013, there were 241 Ice Bowls in North America and Europe that raised over $311K. Through the years, nearly 140,000 players have played in nearly 3,200 Ice Bowls that have raised over $2,500,000.

Since 2013, we have evolved to running tournaments and disc golf promotions for all aspects of women’s health and encouragement through physical activity. We help passionate disc golfers make a difference to a cause that means something to them by providing the resources to help make their disc golf event a success. It is our hope through Throw Pink events across the country that more women and girls can access the growth experienced through outdoor recreation.

Nourishing Recreation 

Recreation is a basic need like food, shelter, water, and love. Play more than recharges our batteries. It re-creates us. It resurrects our inner-child. It feeds our soul.Disc Golf takes us to a place when time stands still, where the surly bonds of everyday cares and pressures are loosened. Floating freely like the Humming Bird, we feed on the nectar of disc golf and enter the heaven-on-earth playground paradox where we are completely free yet fully in control. Re-created in the wondrous, fearless child-like image, we are better equipped to face the adult world. Throw Pink can bring soul nourishing recreation to women and hope to anyone that loves a girl of any age.