Catching Up with Holyn Handley-2023 Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Champion

Read our new Throw Pink three part series where we interview Champions from the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship! Our final installment features your current TPWDGC Champ Holyn Handley, who talks about her victory, what she has been up to this off-season, and much more!

What was the most memorable part of your Throw Pink Championship victory and how did it affect your career?

I remember feeling the crowd’s energy at the end of the round. I didn’t check scores, so It was a strange feeling at the end, to go from “I’m having a good round” to “I might win this” to “I won!”. It all happened so quickly I could hardly take it all in.
And, of course, winning my bet with Ella and getting to dye her hair pink was very memorable.
I believe winning the Throw Pink Women’s Championship will give me more confidence going into next season, and that it will be the first of many victories.

What are some Books/ TV shows/ Movies that you have been into lately?

I’m finishing up the book ‘She Who Became the Sun’ by Shelley Parker-Chan and after
that I’ll start the novel that my best friend just published: ‘Into Infernal Paradise’ by
Michele Toro.

I’ve been listening to the Audiobook version of Michael Phelps’ book ‘No Limits’ as well.

I’ve recently gotten caught up on the last few seasons of one of my favorite shows,
‘Bob’s Burgers’.

Looking back on this year, what were some things that stood out to you in a positive way?

In terms of my play, my skills improved throughout the season and I continued to learn from each event. I have improved at pulling myself out of slumps and slow starts, often finishing well even during weeks where I didn’t have my best game. Outside of disc golf, I’m fortunate to have some truly wonderful friendships on the road. Spending time with friends helps make the harder parts of this lifestyle a little easier.

What are some things you enjoy during your disc golf off-season?

I spend most of the off-season at my partner’s family ranch in Oklahoma. I am close to Dallas where I am from, so I enjoy some peace and quiet time there with friends and family. I’m also designing my own course which has so far been a very exciting new challenge!

Where do people need to go to support you and buy your tour series discs and merchandise?

Buy my discs and apparel on

Also please use code ‘HOLYN10’ when purchasing a dyed disc from Throw Joes

and code ‘HOLYN’ when purchasing a stock bag from Squatch.


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