Planning a Throw Pink Event – Share the Love


Planning a Throw Pink Event – Share the Love

A first-hand account of what it’s like to plan a Throw Pink disc golf tournament

Share the Love was started back in 2018 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately had to have a double mastectomy. I wanted to give back. I chose to donate the proceeds of my disc golf tournament to the Elizabeth Wende Breast Care Center here in Rochester, NY because I know the money raised would help those right here in my community. 

The Elizabeth Wende Breast Care Center is the leader in providing breast imaging and breast cancer diagnosis. They use high-end technology to not only provide diagnoses but perform research to best serve their patients. We have raised over $5,000 over the past few years for the Elizabeth Wende Breast Care Center.  

I start planning my event, Share the Love, for the next year basically the day after my tournament ends. I first choose the two disc golf courses I want to run my event at (I rotate the courses in our area so that I utilize all of our great courses). I then start brainstorming for the players’ packs, trying to come up with ideas of things not usually included in the normal player pack. I also give each and every lady that plays my tournaments (not just Share the Love) an extra goody or two in their player pack.   

Share the Love disc golf tournament banner

Throw Pink Events Bring the Community Together

 Almost everyone you speak with knows someone who has been touched by a mastectomy. So many people have gone above and beyond to help me make my tournament successful year after year.   

I really look to my community to purchase locally for my players’ packs because these people see the great work the Elizabeth Wende Breast Care Center does and they also want to give back. 

A local caterer, Lorraine’s Food Factory, provides low-cost lunches for the players and delivers them to the course. There is a very talented graphic artist from the Central New York region, Karin Falcone, who designs my logo every year. John Alloco, a fellow disc golfer, has a business called Flash’s Ultimate Productions, which provided t-shirts, hoodies, and more at cost for this event. The past few years I have had a local photographer, Brandon Sartin, photograph the entire tournament. In return, he sells his pictures to the players, at a low cost, and donates half to the charity.  Rochester Flying Disc Pro Shop and Crafts Uncensored provided the payouts this year.

Crafts Uncensored disc golf tournament prizes


To raise extra cash for the charity, I ask for hole sponsors and run a raffle every year. The local businesses are always receptive to giving donations for my raffles and CTPs. I usually hear “Whatever I can do to help”. Bringing this tournament together, I feel, really brings the community together.   

My biggest advice for someone running a Throw Pink event is to ask for help from others who have run events. You would not believe how many people are willing to help you out so that your disc golf tournament is successful.    

I have filled my event every year, which has a capacity of 72 players. I usually have a few on the waitlist and if I can accommodate, I let them in the tournament. People say weeks before the tournament, “I can’t wait to play in Share the Love. It’s always a good time.”  



The Best Part: Give Back to Charity

 In my first-year running the disc golf tournament, I gave the Elizabeth Wende Breast Cancer Center $2,400. Last year, it was less than I expected because I paid for lunches. So this year I charged a very low fee for lunch and still had many players who ordered. This year’s tally is not complete yet as I await some donations, but it appears to be around $3,000, which just blows me away. 

I recommend running a Throw Pink event. It takes work and dedication, but it is worth it to know you are giving back to charity and making a difference in people’s lives. In addition, your disc golf event has the potential to bring your community together to change the face of women’s health. 

If you’re interested in running a Throw Pink event to either raise funds for Throw Pink or a different women’s health-related charity, give them a shout!

Throw Pink disc golf basket

Picture of Sherry Herzog

Sherry Herzog

I started playing disc golf in 2016 after my father passed away. I needed something to occupy my time and help with my grief. Since that time I’ve been running our local women’s league, four tournaments a year, and clinics for adults and children. My main goal right now is to grow the sport, especially for women and juniors.

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