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Hey y’all! My name is Sarah Wozniak. I am a personal trainer and Throw Pink team member. I graduated in 2015 with a B.S in Kinesiology from Anderson University. I am also an American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer. 

While in college, I played for Anderson University’s golf team. After college, I started playing disc golf. I have played disc golf for 3 years and love learning more each time I go out. 

I have been in the fitness field for 5 years and I love helping people on their journey. I have started my own personal training business where I go into client’s homes and train them online as well. Also, I teach kids how to play golf while learning life skills with The First Tee of Greater Charlotte. I love helping people get stronger every day and find that confidence within themself. 

Lessons from College

While studying Kinesiology in college, I learned so much about how the body moves. Although I was a college athlete, I wish I had taken my fitness more seriously in college as I am doing now.

For exercise in college, I would run 3 miles twice a week and weight lift once a week. However, I wasn’t very consistent with my fitness throughout my entire college career.

Like most college students, unhealthy, sugar-filled snacks were what got me through the late nights. I would eat A LOT of candy, drink A LOT of soda, and eat way too much processed food in college.

Now that I’m out of college, I have learned more about how to fuel my body properly. Not only do I know more about nutrition now, but I’m also more aware of the foods and drinks I put into my body. Life is a balance, just like health and nutrition. 

Starting to Take Fitness Seriously

After graduating college, I learned how to make fitness fun. I created fun ways to work out and train for my clients and myself. 

“Working out is a gift.”

Always remember, working out is a gift. I did not realize that until I graduated college and had some life events come up. To name a few, I had multiple mouth surgeries and was in a bad car wreck. 

Both events happened within months of each other and they kept me from working out for about half of a year. Luckily, I was able to recover, but it made me realize how many people may never recover or be able to work out. Once I fully recovered, I decided I was not going to take my ability to exercise for granted ever again.

So, the next time you don’t want to move or workout, just think it could get taken away in a blink of an eye. It’s a privilege to workout/exercise. It’s a blessing to have the ability for your body to move… The only thing holding you back is yourself. 

“The only thing holding you back is yourself” - Avine Celeste

It’s Never Too Late

Everyone has excuses. There are going to be days where you do not feel like working out or you don’t want to work out. Just know that you will be so happy and feel so good after exercising. 

Make working out a habit (keep in mind – habits take about 2 months). Don’t be too hard on yourself if daily life happenings get in the way of your schedule to exercise. 

Find movements that you enjoy doing. It can be anything from walking, disc golf, weightlifting, running, yoga, karate, cycling, Zumba, or hiking. Whatever it is, make YOU a priority and stop putting yourself second. 

By exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, you are investing in yourself so you can pour your extra energy and care into others. By bettering yourself, you can help better others around you as well. My goal is to help as many people as possible see and transform into the best versions of themselves through health and fitness!  

Right now, Throw Pink and I are working on making another 4-week exercise plan to follow up the amazing plan from Sara Sinclair. Which, if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend checking it out here.

My 4-week workout plan will be available on in February! I’ll be there to walk you through every exercise with videos and written notes. It’s never too late to start your fitness journey! You can also find more health tips and tricks on my Instagram: @trainersarahwoz.

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